The Launchbox ™ educational accelerator program is a hands-on program that helps startups move early-stage ideas from concept to commercial viability. Launchbox makes extensive use of lean startup principles and custom delivery techniques to help startups clearly identify the problem/need, target customer, and their unique value proposition. The program is milestone driven and applications are open to any team with a scalable business concept.
Better understand the problem/need

Successful startups fix problems and meet the needs of their customers. But, before they can build a solution, they must verify the problem and identify specific steps for executing a solution. As part of The Corner Launchbox, you will:

  • Document and test  your assumptions
  • Talk to potential real customers
  • Validate your customers’ needs
  • Evaluate current solutions and identify where they fall short
Clearly define your target customer

It’s critical that entrepreneurs clearly describe their customers, not only in terms of the job they are trying to get done (or the need they have), but also in terms of who they are. At The Corner Launchbox, we help you:

  • Identify key customer characteristics
  • Determine where they hang out (physically and virtually)
  • Develop detailed customer personas
  • Document customer experience from beginning to end
Test your assumptions and the market

Successful startups test their assumptions, toss out the ones that are inaccurate, and focus on the ones that are true. As part of The Corner Launchbox, you will:

  • Document and test critical assumptions that could “tank” your business
  • Develop design criteria that inform what features you should include
  • Rapidly prototype potential solutions and get real customer feedback
  • Test customers’ willingness to buy what you’re selling