Meeting Space

The Corner’s well-appointed meeting rooms have been carefully tailored to the requirements of modern business and to the needs of of those doing business in New Kensington. Featuring a formal, boardroom-style conference room with ancillary meeting spaces for ideation and small group-work, you can rest assured that all of your meeting needs will be met. Our aim is simple: to create smart workspaces for discerning individuals and businesses that foster collaboration and deliver a consistently great work experience. Click here for a virtual tour of The Corner.

Event Space

With seating capacity for 40, our community event space is perfect for annual strategics, off-site presentations and gatherings, lectures, classes, bootcamps, workshops, product launches, and community meetings. Equipped with top-of-the-line audio-visual equipment and right on New Kensington’s 5th avenue, our event space is the perfect location in the heart of the neighborhood.

Conference Rooms

Outfitted with the latest video and audio conferencing equipment and serviced by our on-site staff, our meeting and conferences spaces are ideal for serious staff collaborations, ideation sessions, board meetings, and workshops.

Phone Rooms

Our phone rooms are designed with extra room to take a private phone call, escape for a mental health exercise, or discuss an intimate topic with a colleague or partner. Phone rooms are available for all memberships and visitors to the space.