Flex Membership

Flex office seating is ideal for the freelancer, individual entrepreneur, startup working towards getting that idea to market, or the person traveling to New Kensington for occasional meetings. Flex members have access to professionally-designed, top-notch office space without all the hassle of acquiring a long-term lease on your own. With full, 24/7 access to space amenities and events at the price of a cup of coffee a day, flex membership is the best way to consume office and plug into a vibrant business community.

Flex memberships are $150/month (30 seats available).

Desk Membership

Desk memberships are ideal for individuals and small teams – or large teams seeking cost efficiency – wanting flexible access to workspace 24/7 and requiring dedicated and secure desk space. Beautiful desks, secure filing cabinetry, ergonomic office seat, and a smart task lamp form the workstation package, with sound acoustics and close proximity to phone booths and meeting rooms to keep work fluid and fruitful.

Desk memberships are $300/month per desk.

A Compelling Value Proposition

For established businesses. Coworking is an excellent way for established local businesses to tap further into the market, creating new opportunities for business, partner, supplier, and talent development. Moreover, The Corner is your gateway into a broader, regional network of entrepreneurs, thought-leaders, businesses, and resources in the greater Pittsburgh region. 

For cost-efficient teams. Accessing and consuming office space should never lock you into a long-term lease agreement with office and overhead costs that are difficult to balance with the changing nature of your business. Instead, you should be able to access and use professional, smartly-designed office and meeting spaces as you need it, whenever you need it. Coworking provides just that solution. Whether it is taking-up several flex memberships for your team, or layering your employees across membership types like office, desk, and flex memberships, coworking enables you and your team to stay agile while you focus on building your business.