A Destination for Entrepreneurs

Introducing The Corner, Alle-Kiski’s destination for entrepreneurial learning, coworking, and community activity. Anchoring New Kensington’s Corridor of Innovation, The Corner catalyzes and celebrates the city’s transformation into an inviting home and business destination for entrepreneurs and small business. Thoughtfully designed and equipped for individuals and small organizations, local residents, and visiting businesses, The Corner is the place to do business and grow your community. Click here for a virtual tour of The Corner.

Corner LaunchBox, a signature program of the Invent Penn State initiative, provides entrepreneurs programming that will help them accelerate their growth and de-risk their businesses, including coworking space, legal and business advice, a 10-week accelerator program and access to a wealth of Penn State resources.

Space and resources for all business types and budgets. The Corner services all members OF THE SPACE and residents of the surrounding community.

Coworking/Desk Membership

A professional, scalable, and cost-effective way to consume office and gain the community and resources to help build your business or idea.

Private Office Membership

Private, secure, no-hassle offices ready for move-in. Accessible 24/7 on a monthly plan, our offices are perfectly sized and stay flexible to your business needs.

Professional Meeting Rooms

Open to members and non-members, and outfitted with technology and whiteboards, our rooms are designed to keep you and your clients comfortable and creative.

Community Event Space

Perfect for community groups, chamber of commerces, visiting businesses, and entrepreneurs launching a new business, our event space is the perfect, curated environment.


Corner LaunchBox provides a 10-week accelerator program with access to co-working space, an entrepreneurial network and a host of resources to bring ideas to market.


Why The Corner New Kensington?

The Corner started as a seed, literally a seed grant from President Barron of Penn State University, who wanted his campuses to explore how to use entrepreneurs and ideation to drive economic development in communities across the state. Penn State New Kensington Chancellor Snider proposed an experiment. Entrepreneurial ecosystems designed to support the ideation process have revitalized cities across the industrialized world. Usually these ecosystems are in large urban settings where supporting services (restaurants, coffee shops, luxury apartments) already exist and the combination of entrepreneurs and resources have led to urban renewal. However, small RustBelt cities without existing resources are missing out on this opportunity.
The Penn State New Kensington experiment is to build a scalable, sustainable, and ultimately transferable entrepreneurial ecosystem model that drives economic development in a small Rust Belt area. There is an energy and hope in a town now looking towards its future instead of the past. And, as our humble project grows, the story will no longer be about The Corner. The story will be of a movement from RustBelt to Brain Belt that, if successful, can be replicated in small towns across Pennsylvania and the Midwest.

KIZ Benefits

Another reason for entrepreneurs and businesses to love New Kensington is the access to game-changing Pennsylvania tax credits. Through the Keystone Innovation Zone Resources (KIZ), qualifying companies can receive tax credits for up to $100,00 annually, helping accelerate the growth and success of Pennsylvania businesses by helping you receive cash for any transferable tax credit.

To be eligible, a company must be a qualified KIZ company and meet the following requirements:

Be a for-profit business entity located within the geographic boundaries of a designated KIZ – The Corner and its affiliated coworking locations throughout the Pittsburgh region fall within KIZ boundaries
Demonstrate that it has been in operation for less than eight (8) years.
Operate within one (or more) of the targeted industry sectors identified by the KIZ and its regional partnership.
Provide semi-annual reporting measures to the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) through its KIZForce reporting tool.
Meet any other requirements as specified by DCED.
Along with the partnerships and opportunities available to companies located within KIZs, this innovative program also contains a tradability component. Companies that have little or no tax liability have the ability to sell their tax credits for new equipment and hire additional team members.

For more information on how to join the Westmoreland KIZ, visit The Corner and talk to a team member or learn more here: egcw.org/kiz